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Betrayed by Nintendo

I became a Video Game fan with Nintento. Almost 10 years ago my parents bought me a Super Nintendo with Super Mario World. A month later a cousin of mine gave me his old Nintendo with about 7 games, two of which were Zelda 1 and Metroid. Five Years ago I chose to wait for the Nintendo 64 before geting a Playstation. I was a devoted Zelda fan and even blindedly fought for Zelda: Ocarina of Time when it was being compared to Final Fantasy VII. Today I am 17 years old and eagerly awaited the release of Zelda for the Game Cube until I saw this.

By Trance Kuja

Yes this is how the next Zelda Game will look. Can you say Paper Link.

What is this #$&%? Why did Nintento choose not to make the Game realistic? Could it be lack of ability or programer experience? The answer is NO. With the power of the Game Cube the game could have easily looked like the realistic world of the Bouncer and Nintendo has many experienced programmers and 3D designers from the N64 Zeldas that could have made this game glorious. The reason was money. They chose to abandon those that had grown up with them and go for the new youth of the market. Nintendo long ago bailed on its original fans by making their games cutesy and directed to the youth of the time. I have tolerated this because I am primarily become a Final Fantsy and Zelda fan, and Zelda had maintained sort of a mature feel. But this is the final straw. How can they do this to the Zelda series? I can say right now that I am not getting a Game Cube or the next Zelda Game.

You may think that it would be bad of me to not buy an RPG game because of graphics, but there is more to it then that. The main part of any RPG is a complex story that will make you replay the game to fully understand it. If a game is made for kids between the ages of 7 and 10, as can be plainly seen by the look of the game, the story will become very simple and thus uninteresting. Unless something incredible happens in this game I'm not getting it.

In conclusion, I will not be buying the Game Cube or Zelda 128 or Paper Link or whatever it will be called. Better games await like Final Fantasy X and Grandia II for the Playstation 2.

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+ The U.S. launch of the GameCube has been pushed back from November 5 to November 18.

+ Season 5 of Dragon Ball Z is in production. The new episodes will air September 10th.

+ Movie #5 expected in January 2002, #6 to follow shortly thereafter.

+ InfogramesWizard Works is making the next DBZ games. The First game is "The Legacy of Goku" for Game Boy Advance.

+ News of a new Outlaw Star Series is beggining in Japan. The title is Sword of Wind. According to the repors the story starts three years after the first show.

+ Final Fantasy X expected in January.