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October. 17. 2001

Reboot fans rejoice. The next season of Reboot is starting this Friday at 5:00 PM on Toonami. This is will continue the story after the restoration of Mainframe and hopufuly to the destruction of the new super virus. REBOOT.


October. 14. 2001

I dont want to get anyones hopes up yet buy I getting DSL. Aside from the tremedous boost from my 28.8 Kb connection I will be able to upload a ton of Mp3s that a have. Thewe are someo 200 songs from Pokemon, Gundam Wing, 8th MS Team, Dragonball/Z/GT, and tons of others.


October. 11. 2001

The computer giant Hewlett Packard has teamed up with Squaresoft to power Play Online. Square will purchase an unannounced number of HP NetServer IP1000s, which will run the upcoming PC/console multi-player service. These HP servers are capable of supporting more than 300,000 simultaneous connections.

After poor box office returns with the Final Fantasy movie, Square was thinking about its commitment to Sony. In order to keep the Final Fantasy series (as well as other Square titles) with the Playstation, Sony has promised to buy 11.2 million shares of Square stock or about 20 percent of the company. Sony also promised to write off 75 percent of its investment in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which lost around 103 million.

+ The U.S. launch of the GameCube has been pushed back from November 5 to November 18.

+ Season 5 of Dragon Ball Z is in production. The new episodes will air September 10th.

+ Movie #5 expected in January 2002, #6 to follow shortly thereafter.

+ InfogramesWizard Works is making the next DBZ games. The First game is "The Legacy of Goku" for Game Boy Advance.

+ News of a new Outlaw Star Series is beggining in Japan. The title is Sword of Wind. According to the repors the story starts three years after the first show.

+ Final Fantasy X expected in January.